Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two views of chiropractic

The Chicago Tribune published a story about chiropractic today which shows the dichotomy within the profession and they have squarely come down on the side of the evidence based approach to chiropractic. They quote Dr. Don Murphy with whom I co-authored a paper on making chiropractic more mainstream using podiatry as a model. (1)

They also have suggestions on picking a chiropractor:
  • Be wary of those who say spinal manipulation can cure whatever ails you
  • Ask whether exercise is part of the program.
  • Ask friends and relatives for recommendations.
  • Get more than an adjustment
  • Shop around
I've blogged on choosing a good chiropractor before. I agree with the recommendations that Trib wrote except for getting a recommendation. It is obvious that there are people who have become indoctrinated by the quasi-metaphysical, pseudoreligious, pseudoscientific branch of the chiropractic profession. These people have been trained that spinal manipulation will have some profound affect upon their overall wellness above and beyond the function of the spine, other joints or the musculoskeletal system.


1. Murphy DR, Schneider MJ, Seaman DR, Perle SM, Nelson CF. How can chiropractic become a respected mainstream profession? The example of podiatry. Chiropr Osteopat. 2008 Aug 29;16(1):10. (this is a free full text paper just click on the link)

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