Friday, July 17, 2009


In the NYTimes (what else?) there is an interesting op-ed about malpractice, Liability = Responsibility. Knock on wood I've never been sued but I have taught risk management for a few years and have been a consultant for some malpractice cases so the issue has more than a casual interest to me. The article cites a paper from NEJM that is a study of malpractice cases which is very enlightening.

To put it simply the problem which has created the "malpractice crisis" in the US isn't those nasty litigators, it is negligent doctoring. It seems that the vast majority of malpractice cases the doctor involved actually treated the patient in a negligent way. So the cure for the malpractice crisis is better doctoring which the Times op-ed piece suggests means evidence based practice.

Then again when one looks at how low chiropractic malpractice insurance costs one understands that such events are extremely rare in chiropractic. I think most people are shocked to find out how little chiropractors pay for malpractice, I know that every MD I have spoken to about the amount has envy. Most chiropractors pay a few thousand dollars for the same malpractice coverage that MDs pay tens to hundreds of thousand dollars in premiums.


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