Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Vaccine Song

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 03:  Marina Spelzini, a regis...Image by Getty Images via @daylife Today I saw this web site that has a country song about vaccines.  The Vaccine Song

The song writer did a great job of hitting on all the issues in the vaccine debate. There are also good links to other resources on the web for more information on the issues.  A few were new to me

What's the harm in vaccine denial?

The Truth About The Evils Of Vaccination

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  1. best line in the song has to be 'would they listen to invective of a playboy bunny and a pet detective.'
    When issues spark strong emotion with the public, then science often take a back seat. Incontrovertable evidence is no match for emotionally driven invective commentary, especially when delivered by a 'playboy bunny and a pet detective' (though I hear they are no longer a couple).
    I cannot imagine the pain the parent of a child with autism goes through. And we can only hope that science will help us to understand the origin of this disorder. There just is no evidence that vaccination is the culprit.